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Small Organic Herbal Farm Workshops & immersions in Holistic Herbalism

Small-Scale, Handmade Herbal Products  –  All the farm work is done by hand, caring for Plants from Seeds to the Finished Products, respecting the Natural Rhythms of the Earth & the Moon  –  Products are certified Organic & all plants are handpicked to ensure for the best quality. 



 Artisanal Distillation HYDROSOLS & FLORAL  WATERS

+ Herbal Vinegar, Syrups, Herbal Infused Oils, Glycerites (Alcohol-Free Tinctures).

stage distillation

On Demand Workshops

On demand Workshops for Groups or Individuals - Distillation, making herbal products (salves, oils,...), Plant identification, how to use medicinal herbs holistically,...

Herbal Immersion

1 to 3 Days Plant Immersion to discover the world of Herbal medicine, learn to make your own products, herbal walks & time on the Farm. Learn to understand your body and how to support it naturally with Herbs in a stunning region in Southwest France

Adeline, former nomad & traveler – as well as expat in the UK for many years. Initially a Master in Psychological Anthropology, I converted to farming & teaching herbal medicine after hearing the call of the plants, which brought me to my homeland to put down roots and grow medicinal herbs on the land that my grandparents used to farm. I am trained in small scale organic farming & in vitalist & holistic herbalism (& continually learning!)

I see my work as helping people remember the innate intelligence of their body and of Nature, and the forgotten wisdom of our ancestors who knew both.

I teach herbalism through theory but mainly through experience, letting our senses and feelings guide us to know the herbs & recognize which ones are good for our bodies. Grounded & Intuitive herbalism.

I welcome you in Southwest France to dive into the magic of the plants & this land.


the Region - 5 min From The Medieval Cité Of Cordes-Sur-Ciel, 30min Albi & Gaillac, 1h From Toulouse