The Farm

Rythmes de la Terre is a small-scale, certified organic, medicinal herbs farm on a 2500m2 piece of land that hadn’t been cultivated for over 60 years. The plants are grown in a way that is respectful of the soil and the natural rhythms of the Earth & the Moon.

The project was born in 2019, but seeds had been planted long before, they were just awaiting land to flourish:) The land appeared unexpectedly in the region of my ancestors, in Southwest France.

At the moment, about thirty different species are grown (you can’t imagine how difficult it was to select some and leave some on the side for now, they all wanted to be here!!) on a lime & clay soil.

An important part of the project is to offer high quality, organic products that do not need a high volume of plant matter so that the production can stay at human-scale level in order to preserve respectful growing and wild-crafting practices. And also because all the work is done by hand -from seeds to finished products – by only one person:)

A range of hydrosols (floral water extracted by distillation in a copper alambic), glycerites (alcohol-free tinctures), herbal infused oils, herbal vinegar and syrup (cordials) are offered. Seasonally themes baskets will also be offered from the 2020 season.


I’m Adeline, Msc in Psychological Anthropology, trained in agriculture & vitalist herbal medicine, grand-daughter of farmers who had lived in cities for too long, former nomad who traveled and lived abroad for over 17 years before  hearing the call of the french homeland with a desire to return to the Land, to simplicity and to the natural rhythms of the seasons.

If you want to learn a bit more about the path that lead me here, you can have a look at my crowdfunding blog (campaign is over).

My approach to plants tends to be holistic & vitalist; it’s about using plants not as a replacement for western medication – this plant for this ailment – but to learn plants in their particular specificities & affinities with unique individuals: a plant can have different effects on different people!

The vitalist approach uses plants to support the body’s vital force/intelligence in doing what it already does naturally to maintain homeostatis or restore balance as well as maintaining optimal vitality when we’re already in good health. The body already has its own defense mecanism, its own detoxification processes, but sometimes needs a little nudge, which is where enters our friends the plants! You can learn a little more on this approach on the page of the association Terre Nature through which I offer workshops in my local area.


The Farm is in the Tarn region, in Southwest France, 5min from the medieval & Cathar cité of Cordes-Sur-Ciel, 30min from Albi and Gaillac, and about 1h of Toulouse (nearest airport).

Close by are many pleasant  villages such as Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val and its bustling market, Bruniquel, Penne,Puycelsi,…

Landscapes differs from old villages perched on hilltops to cliffs & rocky soil with their old oaks, to luscious valleys & rivers for wild swimming as well as numerous vineyards.

So why not come for a tailored workshop to learn more about medicinal plants and make your own products or for a plant immersion while enjoying your holidays in this beautiful region! (I can also come to you gîte or B&B).