Rythmes de la Terre is an agricultural project with an educational twist, organised around the production of organic medicinal plants on a farm- and some respectful wild foraging - for plant medicine making as well as being a platform to share plant knowledge through workshops, courses  & immersion stays.

The seeds of the project were planted a few years ago, but were awaiting land to flourish. A piece of land has been found in the land of my ancestors & the project is being born this year.  About 30 different plant species will be grown on 2500m2 piece of land, near the medieval village of Cordes sur-Ciel, in the Tarn (Southwest France), 30min from Albi or Gaillac & about 1h from Toulouse (nearest airport)

Plantes médicinales bio Tarn Cordes sur ciel


Behind the project is Adeline, former nomad & traveler, expat in the UK for many years & Master in Anthropology, who, after hearing the call of the plants, came back to the land of her origins to plant some roots, after a training in small-scale organic farming, time working & woofing on herbal farms  + various training in herbal medicine.

The herbs are grown in a way that respects the plants and the soil, as well as the natural rhythms of the Earth as much as possible. The more I learn about plants and the soil, the more I realize that taking care of the Earth and taking care of Humans is not very different:)

Workshops and immersions are offered to learn to integrate plants to your every day life - and in your garden! -  to maintain vitality & balance in your body.