Organic herbal farm & small batch Apothecary

Rythmes de la Terre is a little organic herbal farm , small batch apothecary, where plants are taken care from seeds to final products, all by hand, with love & respecting the natural Rhythms of the Earth & the Moon.

Nestled near the medieval cité of Cordes-Sur-Ciel, in the Southwest of France ( 30min from Albi or Gaillac & about 1h from Toulouse- nearest airport), I am growing about 30 different species of medicinal plants that I distill in a copper still to make hydrodsols (floral waters), or from which I create oils, vinegar tonics, glycerites & flower essences.

On demand worshops

If you're visitng the area & want to learn how to make your own herbal products, salve, ... how to use or grow medcinal herbs or anything you'd like to know about medicinal herbs, get in touch to create your tailored workshop.


The Farm is nestled near the medieval cité of Cordes-Sur-Ciel, in Southwest France (30min from Albi, 1h away from Toulouse - nearest airport)


Behind the project is Adeline, former nomad & traveler as well as expat in the UK for many years. Initially a Master in Anthropology, converted to farming & teaching herbal medicine after hearing the call of the plants, which brought her back to her homeland to put down roots and grow medcnal herbs on the land of her grandparents. Trained in small scale organic farming & in herbal medicine (& continually learning!)



Coming in November A range of organically grown medicinal herbs products: hydrosols…
Ateliers plantes médicinales tarn cordes sur ciel albi gaillac

On Demand Workshops

Personalized on demand Workshops How to use medicinal plants, learn how to…